The 10th China International Road Traffic Safety Products Expo and Public Security Traffic Police Equipment Exhibition

Aug 20,2018

Affectionate interaction, detonating the audience

? ? As a "global leading industrial Internet communication expert" with advanced technology and professional services, Maiwe Communication has attracted many new and old customers to stop. Many professionals conducted on-site consultations on products and solutions based on their own needs, and some visitors demonstrated through the physical products of the exhibition. The booth of Maiwei Communication is always full of conversations between Maiwe people and partners, and the collision of thinking and wisdom grows from time to time. At the people-to-people exhibition, every "you" stepped into the Maiwe Communication Exhibition Hall, which made us have a more responsibility and touch.?

? ? Wonderful demonstration, the head of the Maiwe Communication Dynamic Face Recognition Alarm System exhibition area is surging


? ? As in the past, Maiwe Communication's dynamic face recognition display area has always been a highlight of attracting on-site visitors. Dynamic face recognition does not need to stop and wait, as long as you appear within a certain recognition range, whether you are walking or standing, the system will automatically recognize, that is, when the person walks in a natural form, the camera will perform Capture and collect information, issue corresponding instructions, and perform dynamic face recognition. Under the premise of ensuring access to video information, through the use of recognition warning, query, face image search, etc., the use efficiency of video data is greatly improved and enhanced Effectiveness of security work.

? ??The successful conclusion of the exhibition is the end of a season and the beginning of a season. The efforts of Maiwe Communication will, as always, concentrate on technology and research and development in the field of industrial communication, helping to create an efficient, fast, safe and reliable industrial Internet communication platform.

? ? Everyone's attention and expectation will strengthen our pace towards the future. Thank you for your attention and companionship, and let us make an agreement again. On September 20-21, the 15th Urban Rail Transit Automatic Ticket Checking System Technology Application Seminar (Maiwe Booth: Booth B03), we See you all in Hefei!

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