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Year-end inventory |looking back at Maiwe 2020, everything is extraordinary

Dec 28,2020

Compared with the "Good" in 2018 and the "Hero" in 2019, this year's keywords are restrained and bland, but it is not surprising— -"Why". This year, there have been more searches for "why" worldwide than ever before. In uncertain times, people seek understanding and meaning. We never stop searching for answers and never stop believing in hope.

For each of us in 2020, the twists and turns are profound,Challenge, parting, watch, reunion, cohesion, touch, recovery, return...This year is coming to an end, excepting for the unexpected,there are more warm and beautiful things.


Looking back at the extraordinary 2020 of Maiwe

In 2020

Maiwe bravely rises to the forefront and actively plays the role of enterprise as a pioneer

The beginning of 2020, because the epidemic. This year is unusual for everyone. A menacing new crown pneumonia epidemic spread quickly across the country. In the face of the sudden epidemic, Maiwe Communications actively fights the epidemic. While doing its own prevention and control work, it actively fulfills its social responsibilities and overcomes the difficulties together.

Externally, Maiwe assisted the communication projects of Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital; internally, the Maiwe CEO proposed to overcome the difficulties, strengthen and help ourselves, and stop work without stopping service guidance. During the epidemic, the company quickly adjusted to new working mode of the business format, formulating feasible plans to ensure the normal operation of the business. Maiwe people are always on duty to ensure the orderly development of product technology research and development, product consultation and purchase, technical support services, after-sales guarantee services and other tasks. Developing online channels to provide strong empowerment from sales support, training guidance, customer service and many other aspects.

While responding to the national epidemic prevention and control, Maiwe has launched the "Maiwe Online Course" from March 19 to fight side by side with everyone! The live broadcast platform ranges from Tencent meetings to Douyin to, delivering online products and technical knowledge of Maiwe to employees and customers, opening knowledge sharing, answering questions for everyone, and interacting with everyone online.

In 2020

Maiwe expands new application areas horizontally and broadens industrial communications product line.

This year, Maiwe has released MIR675 full Netcom 4G industrial router, MNT351 high-performance low-power multi-band NB-IoT DTU, MISCOM7214G high-performance 10 Gigabit managed industrial switch, Mport3101-I/3102-I/3104-I isolated type New products such as single/dual/four-port isolated serial server, MISCOM8112GX multi-optical port three-layer 10G embedded industrial switch, MIR605-W industrial-grade wireless router, etc., enrich the industrial communication product line.

In 2020

Maiwe builds a multi-dimensional marketing network, online and offline brand promotion.

This year, Maiwe brand promotion activities continued to be fully implemented. From Central China to East China, from North China to Southwest China, the appeal and influence of the "full category" continued to increase. Each event promotes and introduces the full range of Maiwe products from the perspective of a full-category industrial Internet communications manufacturer and the world's leading industrial Internet communications expert. At the same time, it combines online and offline integrated marketing models to create a three-dimensional marketing network with multiple platforms and multiple dimensions.

At present, Maiwe has fully covered the first-tier markets across the country, and various provinces and regions are continuing to sink the regional grid. From first-tier cities to third- and fourth-tier cities to county-level cities, Maiwe market layout has gradually taken root and deep cultivation, and its industrial communications. The equipment has been widely used in people's life scenes.

In 2020

Maiwe strives for steady progress and is committed to enhancing the company's brand value.

This year is a "bumpy year" for Maiwe, and it is also a "highlight" year for Maiwe. In May of this year, it lived up to expectations and was officially listed in the national equity transfer company, and officially entered the capital palace. In July, the MES process control system was officially launched to realize the informatization of production management, and successfully launched the implementation of the two-industry integration management system. In August , It was awarded the certificate of "Thousands of Enterprises and Ten Thousands of People" award. In September, It gained "Wuhan City Strict Enterprise in 2018-2019", "Software Enterprise" and "3A Credit Rating Certificate" awards. In October, Maiwe  was selected as "Hubei Create a strategic team"...

It can be said that Maiwe will make steady progress and achieve success in 2020. Let's looking forward to it!

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