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Maiwe Admas Series Industrial Ethernet Switch New Products Launch

Jun 03,2018

Product Features

Support 12 Gigabit Ethernet M12 interfaces, 1 M12Console interface, 1 M12 alarm interface, 1 M23 power interface;

Support GVRP, VLAN, port aggregation, port flow control, port speed limit and other switching functions;

Support VRRP, EAPS, MSTP, Mw-ring and other redundant protocols;

Support GMRP, IGMP-snooping, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, static multicast and other multicast protocols

Support RIPv1 / 2, OSPFv1 / 2, static routing and other routing protocols

Support hardware encryption function.

Support CLI, Web, Telnet multiple management methods,

Support SSH2.0, make management more convenient and safe;

Support working temperature -40℃~ 70℃, meet EMC-4 standard.



This product is a new modelof Maiwe Admas industry switch product line. The product line also includes the launched Admas8212G/Admas7212G/Admas2209three desktop wall-mounted Ethernet switches. Admas series switches all use the M12 interface form, which guarantees the sealing and firmness of the port connection and ensures reliable operation, especially suitable for industrial sites with high dust, strong vibration and shock. The reliable working temperature can reach -40℃-70℃, andcomply with the requirements of EN50155, EN50121, EN55022 Class A & B, CE, FCC, CFR47 Part 15 and other standards, making this series of products especially suitable for the strict reliability requirements of the rail transit industry, but also applicable to any vibration shock, EMC compatibility demanding industrial applications.

Admas series switches have been successfully used in Wuhan Metro Project, Wuhan Tram Project, Nanchang Metro Project, Chongqing Metro Project and many other key projects, and have won unanimous praise in the industry for their excellent performance and affordable price!

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