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MaxView V2 New Launch

Mar 30,2021

MaxView V2 continues the B/S architecture of V1.1 version, adds a number of features, and optimizes and upgrades some existing functions to further improve the safety, accuracy and maintainability of users in the industrial field network communication management. MaxView uses a unified user interface to manage and detect all network management industrial Ethernet switches manufactured by MAIWE. It can also manage all the devices that support SNMP standard protocol in the network through SNMP protocol, and display the physical connection information of the devices on the topology diagram through LLDP protocol. MaxView can realize the following main functions, batch IP address setting, network topology query, logging system, real-time alarm, network function configuration, etc.


What's new with MaxView V2.0?

*Add MQTT service

*Add cross-platform porting to support Linux system

*Add IP selection function under Linux system

*Add automatic detection function of topology diagram

*Optimize general network management interface,

*Optimize SNMP protocol, support SNMP V3 protocol

*Ooptimize LLDP protocol part

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