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New product launch-Maiwe Launches MISCOM7214G High-performance10G Managed Din-rail Industrial Ethernet Switch

Feb 12,2020

With the development of the "Internet +" , the demand for networks in various industries has further increased. Wireless, voice, video, and unified communications have all made switches that support the basic network architecture more important. Artificial intelligence has entered the field of industrial automation, industrial networks will undertake the transmission of large amounts of data including high-definition video, which puts forward new requirements for the transmission bandwidth of industrial networks.

In order to meet the demand for high-bandwidth and high-speed communication networks in the industrial field, Maiwei has developed the MISCOM7214G 10 Gigabit (10GbE) network managed din-railindustrial Ethernet switch, which enriches Maiwe'saccess layerindustrial switch product line.

As the 10 Gigabit managed industrial switch independently developed by Maiwe, MISCOM7214G can provide "2x10 Gigabit SFP Ethernet optical fiber interfaces + 4 Gigabit SFP Ethernet optical fiber interfaces + 8 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 interfaces". ItsupportsMWRing V2 ring network redundancy (self-healing time <20ms), QoS strategy, VLAN division, port mirroring, port aggregation, support broadcast storm suppression, flow control functons and so on. Itsupports dual mirror backup function andconsole commands Line function. All ports support wire-speed forwarding to meet the networking requirements of various scenarios.


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