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New Product Release | 6KV Interface Protection, 4KV Power Protection, MIR605-W Industrial-grade Wireless Router

Dec 20,2020

With the in-depth development of the Internet of Things technology, the use of wireless routers has become very popular, especially in the industrial field. The application of industrial-grade wireless routers has gradually been promoted, and they are widely used in bus wifi coverage, urban automatic terminals, smart transportation, and smart Scenarios with relatively harsh environments such as water conservancy, meteorological measurement and control. Industrial wireless routers have strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, and low cost. They are extremely important network devices in the industrial Internet of Things.

MIR605-W is a cost-effective industrial WIFI wireless router launched by Maiwe. The device supports wired WAN port, LAN port and WLAN network access, used for remote field data collection, remote monitoring, field control, etc., providing a convenient and fast networking solution for user equipment.


1.Multi-interfaces and more flexible data access

    Support 4 wired LAN ports, 1 wired WAN port

    Support 1 WLAN wireless local area network

    Support LED status monitoring, support wired and wireless multi-network simultaneous online

   Support multi-network intelligent switching backup function

2.Standard DIN rail / wall mount installation : simple and flexible

3.Super WIFI coverage

    Comply with IEEE802.11n/g/b wireless network protocol, WIFI hotspot coverage

   Meet various WIFI communication needs

   Support WAN/LAN mode switching, network environment self-search, automatically enable strong signal network, Wi-Fi      signal

  Supports WPA/WPA2, etc. Encryption.


4. Industrial quality, stable operation in harsh environments

    Using industrial-grade high-stability and high-precision components

    High EMC electromagnetic compatibility

    High and low temperature resistance (-20℃ to 70℃),

    Wide voltage (9V-36V); super moisture-proof, lightning-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference ability

5. Multiple encryption protocols to ensure lossless data transmission

    Support RTC hardware clock and NTP network automatic time calibration

    Support VPN virtual private network

   Support SNMP protocol and SNMP Trap reporting

   Support LLDP protocol; support firewall, NAT, DMZ host, access control black and white list, IP speed limit, MAC speed limit   

  Multi-layer encryption transmission guarantees the security and accuracy of data.


MIR605-W wireless router can be used in power system, industrial monitoring, traffic management, meteorology, water treatment, environmental monitoring, financial securities, coal, petroleum and other industries. It is an indispensable industrial communication product for the development of industrial Internet of Things.


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