Huaneng Burqin Wind Farm Phase I 49.5MW Project
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Project Name: Huaneng Burqin Wind Farm Phase I 49.5MW Project

City: Xinjiang Province, China.

Year: 2013

MW Solution

Project Description:

Burqin Wind Farm is located in Altay Burqin Tokumut, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The project is 18 kilometers west of Burqin County and on the north side of Burqin Tohongtai Reservoir. The geographical environment is hilly, and the surface is second-class pasture and agricultural land. The planned installed capacity of the first phase of the project is 49.5 MW, and 33 1,500-kilowatt wind turbines will be built. The first phase of the project started on 2013 April 20. The first group of wind turbines was put into production on October 1, and all wind turbines passed 240-hour trial operation on November 15. The project will install 33 sets of 1500kW wind turbines with a total investment of 50 Million USD.

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