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Wuhan East-Lake Tram T1/T2 Wireless Project
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Project Name: Wuhan East-Lake Tram T1/T2 Wireless Project

Model and Quantity: FHW03SW-001(Customized Layer 3 Core Switch, 52 units), FHW03SW-002(Customized Layer 2 Gigabit Switch, 78 units)

City: Wuhan, China

Year: 2017

MW Solution

Project Description:

China's Optics Valley, born of light and condensed into a valley, is one of China's three major intelligence-intensive areas. The "Optics Valley Quantum" trams L1 and L2, which integrate the innovation and entrepreneurial culture of Optics Valley, are respectively deployed in the mature area and the expansion area-more than 30 kilometers of operating mileage, running through the north and the west, and across the east and west. The 39 stations on the whole line are equipped with a voice broadcast system. Among them, each train is equipped with 8 on-board display screens, which can broadcast AVI video format advertisements. The broadcast time is the same as the train's running time.

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