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Wuhan Metro Line 1 (Jinghe Line) Extension Project
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Project Name: Wuhan Metro Line 1 (Jinghe Line) Extension Project

Model and Quantity: FHW03SW-001(Customized Layer 3 Core Switch, 46 units), FHW03SW-002(Customized Layer 2 Gigabit Switch, 46 units)

City: Wuhan, China

Year: 2017

MW Solution

Project Description:

Wuhan Metro Line 1 Jinghe Extension Project will extend Rail Transit Line 1 to Jinghe, forming an important inner-town backbone line that runs through Hankou in the east-west direction in the rail transit network, and it is an important part of the rail transit backbone line network. Also, it is the main railway line in the town that directly connects the western new city group and the central city of Hankou. The total length of the Jinghe Extension Project of Line 1 is about 3.97km, with 3 new stations added, with an average distance between stations of 1429.7M, all of which are elevated stations.

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