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Wuhan Metro Line 3 Phase 1 PIS System Wireless Project
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Project Name: Wuhan Metro Line 3 Phase 1 PIS System Wireless Project

Model and Quantity: MIEN6008 (126 units),MISCOM8028 (62 units)

City: Wuhan, China

Year: 2015

MW Solution

Project Description:

MAIWE assists the PIS system of Metro Line 3, providing communication transmission technology for passenger information and CCTV information release for all trains, from the core switch MISCOM8028 series industrial-grade three-layer switches at both ends of the train to the MIEN6008 two-layer DB9 Ethernet in the carriages The switch realizes the communication functions of the train's full-car video monitoring, passenger information release and WIFI wireless connection. With the deep technical accumulation and strong technical foundation of MAIWE, it escorts the on-board communication of Wuhan Metro.

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