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Passenger Information System(PIS) Solution
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The passenger information system is an important facility for PIS to provide services on the train. It mainly realizes the two-way transmission of car-ground information, and after decoding by the on-board playback controller, the real-time playback of the control center issued on all LCD displays of the train related information. At the same time, the video surveillance images in the train are transmitted to the control center.

MW Solution

The driver's cabin layer three industrial Ethernet switch Admas8212G-M12-12GT and the passenger cabin layer two industrial Ethernet switch Admas7212G-M12-12GT products mainly realize the two-way transmission of vehicle-ground information of vehicle-mounted subsystems and vehicle depot related equipment. It adopts M12 transmission interface design in structure and industrial characteristics, meeting the requirements of rail transit application environment in electromagnetic compatibility characteristics and vibration characteristics.



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