Smart City

E-police CCTV System

The electronic police system continuously detects and records the red light behavior of motor vehicles, and penalizes the red light behavior of motor vehicles through legislation to improve the safety factor of public travel. The system consists of the intersection front-end equipment, network transmission system and central management system, which realizes the collection, transmission, processing, analysis and centralized management of the intersection traffic information.

MW Solution

This solution adopts a star topology, and the switches are mainly applied to the intersection application layer, the intersection aggregation layer, and the central monitoring layer.

2 100Base-Tx port from MIEN2205 in Sub-control cabinet link with 2 IP camera in Sub-control cabinet then the data transmissionthrough the 2 100Base-Fx port to core Control cabinet on intersection Application tier. MISCOM7210 Convergence all the intersection’s data then the Gigabit SFP port uplink monitoring center on intersection Convergence tier, meanwhile, the another gigabit SFP port can link with MISCOM7210 on the next intersection. The 100Base-Fx port aggregation is applied on the intersection Application tier, uplink center control with Gigabit SFP port, with this Gradient bandwidth design, the uplink Congestion was solved, makes the whole network works with high-speed and more effective, then the video become more smoothly. The star topology with many SPF PORTS switch, which won’t affect the other computers nor their connections the If one node or its connection breaks. And it can avoid EMI with the fiber transmission, which makes the system works more steadily.


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