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Smart traffic signal light control system

The traffic signal control system is a real-time networked control system of regional traffic signals integrating modern computers, communications and control technologies. It can realize real-time control of intersection traffic signals, regional coordinated control, and central and local optimization control. Real-time query and monitoring of intersection status, with fault location of intersection signal lights, real-time upload and download of timing schemes, recording and management of operation logs, remote login control and permission management of multiple users, etc.

MW Solution

Intersection signal controllers generally use RS232 / RS485 signal communication. First, the Mport3101 serial server converts the serial signal of the signal controller into an Ethernet signal, and then uploads it to the control center through the optical port of MIEN1203 industrial Ethernet switch. The control center uses the multi-optical port industrial Ethernet switch MIEN3024, which can monitor and control the traffic lights of multiple intersections, thereby achieving synchronous control of the signals. The traditional scheme is to use an industrial computer at each intersection to control the signal lights of the intersection. This scheme is costly and cannot achieve unified signal control. The use of Ethernet for transmission enables unified control and management, making traffic management more convenient and efficient. This solution uses industrial Ethernet switches with optical ports. Compared with the solution using fiber optic transceivers and all-electric Ethernet switches, the transmission network is more stable and reliable.

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