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Tibet Ali Networking Engineering Smart Substation Project
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Project Name: Tibet Ali Networking Engineering Smart Substation Project

Model and Quantity: MIEN5108 (69 units)

City: Tibet, China.

Year: 2020

MW Solution

Project Description:

The project started from the 220kV substation in Duolin, Sangzhuzi District, Xigaze City, and ended at the 220kV Barr substation in Gar County, Ali Prefecture, with 6 new substations and 1,689 kilometers of transmission lines. And the project is by far the world's highest and longest UHV power transmission and transformation project. The tower has an average elevation of 4572 meters, a highest elevation of 5357 meters, and a longest distance of more than 5,400 kilometers; it is the world's most challenging construction. A power grid project that crossed the Yarlung Zangbo River three times and crossed the Kongtanglam Mountains and Mayumula Mountains above 5,300 meters above sea level. The weather along the line is harsh, the oxygen content is only 50-60% in the inland, and the average temperature is 0-5℃, and the temperature difference between day and night Up to 25°C or more.

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