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Intelligent Substation Online Monitoring System
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Intelligent Substation Online Monitoring System (hereafter called The System) realizes information sharing platform, system framework networking, equipment status visualization, monitoring target panorama, station information digitization, communication protocol standardization, monitoring function componentization, information display integration, real-time collection of equipment status data, comprehensive diagnostic analysis and lifecycle evaluation. On the one hand, The System is an independent internal interconnecting transformer network. On the other hand, It is a node of the remote host station, which sends internal equipment monitoring information, diagnosis system information and its own status information of the substation to the main station.

MW Solution

In the system solution, MAIWE adopts two-layer-one-network mode of dual networks, station control layer and system layer, which ensures the stability and redundancy of data acquisition. The intelligent IED equipment protection unit and the merging unit are directly connected with switch or protection and monitoring devices, and then upload to station control layer through dual networks, connecting with servers, monitoring host, remote station and remote control center to realize the whole station information Integration and remote control.


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